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Visit small towns in Tuscany from home

Stuck at Home? Here is a List of small Towns in Tuscany you can Visit from Your Couch!

Our usual first of April opening has been postponed. This doesn't mean you can't plan the things to do once you will be in Tuscany, at La Scuola di Furio! One of the reasons tourists form all over the world love Tuscany is that here you can find beauty just walking down the street. 

Of course at the moment this is not possible, so what could you do?

Tiziana is here to help!

Pisa, Miracle Square

Pisa: The Miracle Square seen from the city walls

Find a list of pictures of towns in Tuscany taken with “Immersive 360º Photography”. But what is this? Is is something more than just a panoramic photo taken witha a mobile phone and something less than a Virtual Reality experence. Immersive photography lets you walk along the streets of Pisa just as you are really there, even if you are on your couch, all you need is a mouse and a screen!

How does it work? It's easy!

  1. Enter this site: (no, despite its name, it is not only for Pisa)
  2. Choose where you want to go from the list of towns below the map. You can choose among: Pisa, Cascina, Vicopisano, San Giuliano Terme, Palaia, Volterra, Montecatini Terme or Lucca.
  3. Choose where you want to go from the list of places below the map. Some destinations, like Pisa, have more than SEVENTY different places (it can be a famous place, a "common" place with snow or at dusk, a special event like "Frecce Tricolori" (the Frecce Tricolori is the aerobatic demonstration team of the Italian Air Force), or an uncommon place such as the museum of Physics Instruments.
  4. On the page of your choice you will find a short description, again another map, showing the location and, below, the pfotos to click on

All the links are here (just click on the name you are interested in):

(If the place you are interested in only has one link, the link above will take you straight there)

Shuld you be more interested in art and museums, please also visit: