Video: Welcome Folder, full of information and maps!

At La Scuola di Furio we always keep our eyes and ears open. We like to listen and reply efficiently!

 Hallo, I’m Tiziana Fierli from La Scuola di Furio!

It's holiday time! You are finally in Tuscany. You travelled the whole day and now you are in one of the apartments at La Scuola di Furio or in Villa Maura. 

And now what? Now you have questions!

Questions like:

  • Where is the nearest supermarket?  What are the opening times? Do I have to go shopping immediately or can I go to the pool now?
  • What is the closing day for that restaurant? And what time does the kitchen open? I’m tired, is the restaurant very far?
  • My child has a very high temperature! Where can I seek help?
  • Where should I put this banana peel? In which container?
  • What I am supposed to do on our departure day?

Well, you are NOT alone! We have this beautiful Welcome Folder! Do you like it?

On everypage there is my telephone number.

Here you find a list of contents, then a short welcome page, safety information: where to find the nearest hospitals, what are the emergency numbers, where to eat in Fucecchio.

Each restaurant has: kind of restaurant (fish restaurant, pizzeria, trattoria...), name, address, distance from La Scuola di Furio, (plus the closing days, opening times and telephone numbers!)  and if you find the B next to it, it means that you can go on my blog and read my review. Some of the restaurant owners will speak excellent English, some won’t.  I can call them for you!

Where are the supermarkets in Fucecchio. Again: name, opening time, address and distance from La Scuola di Furio.

Recycling information.

And what to see in Fucecchio, you can read this guide, written by me, a Fucecchiese born and bred! 

And then, as usual, many maps! Map of Fucecchio, the area around Fucecchio, Florence, Pisa, Livorno, Siena, San Gimignano, Volterra, San Miniato,  Lucca, Vinci and many many information so that you can enjoy Tuscany at its best!

Maybe that’s all, maybe not, because I always like to add more and more information for you!

Of course you can have this in advance., I can send you a .pdf for this manual so that, when you are here, all you have to do is to enjoy Tuscany!

Ciao da Tiziana!