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3 types of check-in. Which one suits you the most?

How check-in in Italy really works

Here's our Check-In System. 3 different types of check-in, each suitable for the type of traveler that you are! We will also provide some explanation on some (right or wrong) requests that the managers might have at the time of your arrival in their accommodation.

Ultrafast Check-In

The first check-in is the Ultrafast Check-In aimed at travelers who have already been our guests at least once. Here's how we welcome our most loyal guests, those who every year or once every two years choose us and already know La Scuola di Furio, the area of ​​Fucecchio and our beautiful region, Tuscany. 

We must ask you to fulfill some formalities:

  • The presentation of a valid photo identity document for each guest.
  • The payment of what still has to be paid in cash, usually the tourist tax that we prefer have in cash so that we can pay it when it is time, without problems, to our Unione dei Comuni del Circondario Empolese Valdelsa (Union of Municipalities of the District Empolese Valdelsa).
  • The signature of the Pool Regolation and Wi-Fi Regulation.

What we will do is to quickly update you about what has happened since your last stay and wish you a very good holiday in Tuscany. And remind you that we are only a WhatsApp text or call away!

Full Check-in 

The second check-in is the Full Check-In, an integration of the previous one and which is aimed at guests on their first stay at La Scuola di Furio. Some guests may already be in Italy, maybe you have booked for your holidays a first week in Tuscany somewhere else and a second week at LA Scuola di Furio. We know you. We know that you will stay until the last possible moment in the previous accommodation, leaving from there just at the check-in deadline, drive a couple of hours and then you are ready to come and spend your holidays at La Scuola di Furio (however, let us know if plan to arrive well in advance of the usual check-in time - which starts at 4pm - otherwise we can not guarantee that the apartment will be ready!). For you, a guest who arrives fresh as a daisy, we thought of our Full Check-In. So, first the usual routine of requesting documents, balance, and signature of the regulations. and then we will have all the time to show you practical things, such how to open the gate, how the gas works, where is the free washing machine, and so on. Then, we can read together our Welcome Folder. This is the moment when you can ask us all the questions that you have, tell us about which attractions you intend to visit and we will be happy to suggest, for example, how to get to Florence, Lucca or Pisa, explain to you why it is sometimes advisable to take the train to go to Siena and why other times it is better to go there by car. Which supermarket we recommend for your weekly food shop and which one is to be preferred for a quick shopping. You know, the tips only true local know can save you holiday time and / or money and we are happy to share that with you, our guests at La Scuola di Furio.

Facilitate Check-In

The third check-in is a combination of the first two. It is made of a very brief welcome phase and a second phase a little more in-depth analysis to be done later. This is because we know that the vast majority of our guests come from far away and take particularly demanding trips to come and spend their holidays in Tuscany at La Scuola di Furio. Maybe you took a plane very early in the morning or you even took two or more airplanes! And we know how tiring it is to wander through the airports waiting for a connection! Not to mention the queues at the baggage claim or at the rental car offices once you are in Italy. Some of our guests arrive late at night. some of them have been driving for a long time. Maybe you have been on the road since the day before and you have made a short overnight stop in the Alps area to be with us in the afternoon, after driving under the Italian summer sun. We do not want to see you uncomfortable! We want you to start your holiday in the best possible way. If all you want is a shower, to know where to eat a pizza or a pasta dish and go to bed we will be happy to make you happy! We understand that the last thing you need is to hear me speak blablabla! We will keep everything to the minimum: on your part, the presentation of the documents, the balance of the amounts in cash and the signature on the regulations; on our part the fundamental indications such as how the gas works, how to open the gate and especially the password of our WiFi! We will delay browsing our Welcome Folder at a later time, usually the morning of the following day. The first morning at La Scuola di Furio you can have your nice breakfast with the products purchased at Ritrovino di Caino, or at Gelsa, which is open until midnight or maybe you asked for one of our services and will find the breakfast basket in your apartment. After a nice coffee or an espresso cup we all are more awake and reactive! So we will find a nice little place to sit in the shade and we will explain everything you want to know, we will answer your questions and we will give you all the information you think you need and also some you don't know yet you need on the area of Fucecchio and on its immediate vicinity.

the truth about check-in in Italy

THE UNEASY NOTES, a.k.a. boring things you should know

A quick note on why it is COMPULSORY to show the documents when staying in hotels (and such) and why we do not accept underage persons on holiday without parents.

Most of our guests come from abroad, from a Country that surely has different laws. But that is not important because sometimes even Italians find it hard to understand the need to show the documents of ALL family members. Good. For many years, there is a law that you find at the bottom of the page. The current Italian legislation requires us to register with the Authorities the documents of ALLl the participants, all the members of the family or of your group. This means that even if your child is a few weeks old (sometimes it happens that guests book before their child is born) we must see its document with photo, then ID card or passport, otherwise we should go with you to the Carabinieri office in Piazza Montanelli in fucecchio for clarifications and you would start your holidays wasting time. You are on holiday, your time is precious and our Check-In System was born to simplify your life! Most guests understand that we follow the rules also for their safety, rare times we have to explain also with raw examples. Let's say you travel with your child. We must know that it is your child. Would you be happy to know that your child is housed in an accommodation that does not declare its presence? What if your child is traveling with someone you do not know, god forbid without your permission, and being hosted by someone that says "children documents are not needed"? Would you feel safe? Think, back in time, to all the times you were told this or when maybe you haven't been asked of YOUR document! Are these accommodation all right? Do they follow the rules? Will these accommodations have an appropriate insurance? Are they safe?

That said, the manager has to ask you to show the documents. It might happen that you are asked to leave the passport for a short time so the accommodation can do the paperwork. In some hotels the person that completes the form for the PD is the night manager. And that would be OK. But BEWARE! NONE is allowed to keep your document as a form of insurance or damage deposit. One of our guests once told me about this incredibly bad habit, because he was surprised when I immediately returned his document! The manager of the place where he had been a guest until the day before had kept his passport hostage and he believed it was the norm. Can you imagine the responsibility for such an action? What would happen if you had to leave for an unexpected emergency and the manager kept, perhaps away from where you are, your document! Or, on your departure day the manager forgets to give it back to you and you only realise it when at the airport! We at La Scuola di Furio have a bit of experience with our guests and we know that they have been able to earn our trust. In fact, for direct bookings we never even take a damage deposit. We know that you feel at home and you will treat the property well!

Article 109 TULPS - Consolidated text of public security laws

The art. 109 TULPS - Consolidated Text of the Public Security Laws, Royal Decree 18 June 1931, n. 773 - provides that the managers of hotels and other accommodation facilities * can provide accommodation only to persons with an identity document.

* "Other accommodation facilities" also include those that provide accommodation in tents, caravans, as well as owners or managers of holiday homes and apartments and landlords, including non-conventional reception facilities. Alpine shelters included in a special list established by the region or by the autonomous provinces are an exception.

I take this opportunity to remind you that according to article 2 of the Italian Codice Civile, persons under the age of 18 do not have the capacity to act nor they can not carry out actions that entail the exercise of rights and the assumption of obligations.

Recently, the Ministry of the Interior made it clear that:

  • the person of minor age that is accompanied by at least one parent has the right to stay in a hotel (or equivalent accommodation), of course, always providing a valid identity document
  • the person of minor age that is NOT accompained by neither of his/her parents nor by an adult, can NOT stay in a hotel (or equivalent accommodation) even if he/she has an identity document
  • the person of minor age that is accompained by an adult that is not his/her parent, can stay in the hotel (or equivalent accommodation) ONLY if the adult person has a declaration of consent issued by the parents of the person of minor age.