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Safe Summer in Tuscany! Ti aspettiamo!

Safe Summer in Tuscany! Ti aspettiamo!



The reason why you choose La Scuola di Furio for your holidays in Tuscany is because you know here you feel free, free to have a large space in the nature in a territory far from mass tourism, the apartments have renewed private outdoor spaces, here's how we are facing this moment so that you can spend a serene holiday with your family. 

famiglia nel campo

At La Scuola di Furio we do not have rooms but independent apartments, each with its own private outdoor space. In these moments when we feel safe only at home, we can offer the home away from home feeling. Our house has protected us for many weeks, now it's time to live the open spaces too, without giving up on safety.  

On this page we describe how, with just a bit more of care, compared to our usual standards, we can offer you a safe family holiday.


We like to write it down again, so that this is clear even to those who do not usually rent a holiday home. At La Scuola di Furio it's like living in a small town. Families arrive and families go home, yes, but on our premises you will only find regularly registered with the Authorities guests. Those who are not our guests cannot enter, not even for a swim in the pool. At La Scuola di Furio we have always had this rule and, in general, we have made only some minor changes. We ask for your collaboration for the success of these holidays in Tuscany 2020 in order to be able to enjoy all the shared facilities and services in full safety.

We will think about doing the bulk of the job, you and your family will just have to respect some simple rules dictated, as well as by us, by your common sense to protect you and families like yours.

Bambina felice



Your family will be welcomed in an outdoor area where we will check the body temperature of your whole family. Once we have verified that everyone's temperature is within the rules, we will proceed to check-in at La Scuola di Furio.


We will try to be fast and to carry out only the essential activities at the moment. Before your arrival you will be asked to send a copy of your and all your family's identity documents (yes, even for small children we ask for an identity card or passport). In this way it will be ultra fast for us to verify the identity of your family members and communicate them to the Authorities (as required by the Italian Law since 1931! Nothing new here!).

vacanze sicure con bambini in toscana con piscina


At La Scuola di Furio we have a farmhouse divided into apartments and an independent villa with its private garden. Each apartment has its own fully equipped kitchen; 1, 2 or 4 bedrooms; 1, 2 or 3 bathrooms and a space in the garden with tables and chairs. In the past this space was shared. This allowed for the creation of great friendships. We also saw families from different countries having dinner together after a few evenings. This may still happen (the birth of friendships, for dinners gatherings, please wait!). Each apartment now has its own well-defined space in the garden, with table and chairs for breakfasts, card games and dinners with your family. Our cleaning methods, already praised by our guests, have been further improved with the use of the latest sanitation products and techniques, in all areas, both common and private, in line with the provisions of the Health Authorities.

Inside your apartment and in Villla Maura you will find YOUR book of wonders! Our magic book, full of all the most precious information so you will not miss any opportunity during your family holiday in Tuscany. What is new now then? Before we explained each page of the book in person and the book was from that apartment/villa. Now before your arrival you will receive a video that will illustrate the content of our book of wonders. AND each family will have THEIR OWN BRAND NEW BOOK, which will be one of the many memories to take home after your holiday in Tuscany!

Vacanze sicure per famiglie in Toscana


The Swimming Pool is our most visible and most desired attraction, especially by children! We have lost count of the times we have heard children ask, in a thousand different languages: "Mum where is my swimsuit? Mooooom, where are my swimming trunks? I want to go to the pool NOW!". As it has always been, the access to the pool is only allowed to children under 14 years of age only in the presence of at least one parent (we are happy to know that your children are excellent swimmers and that they would not disfigure in the race against Rebecca Adlington or Adam Peaty BUT to us not interested :-D ). The same procedures written for the apartments will apply to the swimming pool. As usual the pool water and the pool deck will be cleaned and sanitized. We ask you to follow some simple rules for access and its use, in the simple respect of all the safety rules put in place to protect your health and safety.  

holiday home with pool in tuscany la scuola di furio

Access to the swimming pool will be limited and regulated by the usual limits of the permitted capacities. We have created a separate entrance and exit to prevent guests from using the same gate. In the swimming pool we ask you to respect the distance between people. We have arranged the parasols (we remind you that each apartment/villa has its own parasol, with a sun bed, two sun chairs and a small table) at a safe distance and please respect the parasol position assigned in the pool area for the length of your stay. The use of the outdoor shower remains mandatory before entering the pool water and it can be used by one person at a time, without creating gatherings while waiting and respecting the safety distances. 

As it has always been (for us it is nothing new, it has been required by the law for some time now), every day, several times a day, a rigorous quality control of the pool water will be carried out. For sanitization we will use the mandatory sterilization and disinfectant products.



In our magical information book (see above in the check-in section), in addition to the usual tips on bars and restaurants where you can go safely to live your holiday in Tuscany like a local, you will also find the list of places that have a delivery service or a take-out service. 



In our BIG information booklet you will find the list of supermarkets with real distances, verified with Google Maps. As already mentioned in our page dedicated to the SERVICES, we remind you that some supermarkets, such as Esselunga, provide a home delivery service at La Scuola di Furio. Nothing is easier than that! If you want to help the local economy, our advice is to have your shopping delivered directly by Gelsa Store. Gelsa is more than a corner shop! It is: pizzeria, newsagent, tobacconist, bar with internal patisserie, gastronomy and a small large food shop with fresh bread also on Sundays. Of course, should you need help with your shopping as you need to brush up your Italian, do not worry! Walter and Tiziana will be happy to help!


This bad situation we are all facing has hit us hard money wise. As you know, tourism is one of the economic sectors that have suffered the most. This led us to make some simple changes. Some things will require more work, some other things will require less work! This is why we (Walter and I) discussed a lot about the opportunity to dedicate a page to the new rules. "We are not a hospital", "people now know what to expect". Then we decided to write down this little page, without forgetting that the holidaya are something else, they are FREEDOM! 

As soon as it was possible to plan a family holiday again, we started to receive enquiries again. As I explain in this video (in English), it made us enormously pleased not to receive even a single question about our sanitation procedures because our loyal guests already knew that we will take care of them and their families. For us, it was a GREAT gift!