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Osteria Numero Uno in Ponte a Cappiano, Fucecchio

Recently I have been back for dinner at the "Osteria Numero Uno" in Ponte a Cappiano, a lively suburb of Fucecchio. A quick lunch with my friend Elena and my dog Napo gave me the opportunity to write down my impressions.

Here is my review of ”Osteria Numero Uno” in Ponte a Cappiano, Fucecchio, Florence

osteria numero uno ponte a cappiano Bewertung Recensione Recensione Avis

My friend Elena and me at Osteria Numero Uno (Napo is under the table)

Osteria Numero Uno

Via Romana Lucchese, 1,

Ponte a Cappiano 50054 Fucecchio FI

Distance (according to Google from La Scuola di Furio: 3,9 km, with a driving time of 8 Minuts (It it super easy to reach! From Via di Rimedio, turn right on Via Ramoni. At its end you find Osteria Numero Uno!)

Phone: +39 0571 297001

Closed at lunch on Saturdays and the whole day on Sundays 

Open from Monday to Friday 12.00AM to 2.00PM and from Monday to Saturday from 8.00PM to 10.00PM.

osteria numero uno ponte a cappiano Bewertung Recensione Review Avis

The "Osteria Numero Uno" is small and cosy

The name "Osteria Numero Uno" (Number One) comes from the fact that it is the first house of the very long Via Romana Lucchese (the Roman road to Lucca). Parking is available along the street in Via Ramoni, in Piazza Donnini and in the large car park in Piazza Giani, next to the historic Medici Bridge. This absolutely deserves a visit. Please do not miss!

Osteria Numero Uno Fucecchio Bewertung Recensione Review Avis

The rustic menu of "Osteria Numero Uno" in Ponte a Cappiano, Fucecchio

Location 8/10

The "Osteria Numero Uno" in Ponte a Cappiano was born in December 2010. At that time, the restaurant scenery in Fucecchio looked rather bleak. Roberta and Rossella are sisters. Both Roberta (service) and Rossella (kitchen) have a very varied curriculum vitae. After running the kitchen of a sports club, they decided to open the "Osteria Numero Uno" in their own home town. So the place is the result of experience, hard work and the desire to find and develop something that has not existed in this area before. Rossella's daughter Gloria is also working as waitress. The restaurant is very small and only has about 30 seats. In the photo above you can almost see everything. You come through the front door directly into a narrow and long room. Behind it there is another small room, which is only slightly larger, because it has no counter. Behind this, there is the kitchen. The toilet is a good size and very well kept.

Osteria Numero Uno di Ponte a Cappiano Fucecchio Bewertung Recensione Review Avis

The spring decoration of the "Osteria Numero Uno" at Ponte a Cappiano, Fucecchio

The decor is rustic with beautiful wooden tables, a coarse paper placemat and a sturdy paper napkin. A special peculiarity of the restaurant are the plates and glasses, which are always mixed and of different styles and materials. No one is like the other. On a blackboard are the wines offered. The decoration corresponds to the different seasons both indoors and outdoors (outside there is a decorated bike on the wall and there is an outdoor small smoking area). When we were there this time, the place had just been freshly decorated with a very nice spring decoration. At lunchtime the place is often full of guests and on some evenings (Saturdays for example) you have to book in advance. One thing I do not like at all is this picture on the back of the wall. 

Osteria Numero Uno Fucecchio Bewertung Recensione Review Avis

Penne alla Bolognese both for Elena and me at “Osteria Numero Uno” in Ponte a Cappiano

Menu 9/10 

The menu is done in a very smart way: there are few dishes available and yet there is something for everyone. There is something different at lunch time than in the evening. At lunchtime there is not the rich appetizer platter and the menu usually looks a bit different. You can choose from 3 pasta / cereal dishes (one with meat, one with vegetables and one soup) and 3 main courses. The desserts are excellent. The customers particularly appreciate the fact that there are still simple dishes that can not be found elsewhere (such as the penne with bolognese sauce we ordered) or genuine Tuscan home-style cooking. My grandmother never cooked steak or truffles and just as little did the grandmother of the ladies from the "Osteria Numero Uno"! Therefore, clear the path for tomato sauce, the legendary "Nonna's Veal", or for a hearty fish soup (which, however, is sometimes only available on Fridays or Saturdays). A special mention deserves the just right cooked pasta. The pasta is always freshly cooked and are always "al dente", so firm. I could eat here every day!

Osteria Numero Uno Ponte a Cappiano Fucecchio Bewertung Recensione Review Avis

Our Desserts at “Osteria Numero Uno”: Mascarpone-Cream with Almond bisquits for Elena and a delicious Apple pie for me

Service 8/10

Roberta and Gloria are very warm and welcoming. They harmonize perfectly with the restaurant. With English-speaking guests, mutual understanding is no problem. Well behaved dogs are welcome. It is recommended to ask for a quiet table if you are with your pet.

Osteria Numero Uno Fucecchio Bewertung Recensione Review Avis

Vinsanto at “Osteria Numero Uno” in Ponte a Cappiano

Bill 8/10

We were there for lunch. Expect slightly different prices for dinner. We spent 20,00 Euro for 2 coperti, 1 bottle of waterer, 2 Penne alla Bolognese, 2 Desserts, 1 Espresso……Ah, and obviously Vinsanto! Bill is Ok!

Osteria Numero Uno Fucecchio Bewertung Recensione Review Avis

Our bill at “Osteria Numero Uno”