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Craving for Holidays? Here's the 2019 Long Weekends Calendar

Always looking for long weekends for your holidays? Here is a complete calendar of 2019 UK holidays!

Is there a better day than today to plan your 2019 holidays? Let's see together the dates in which you will have free days to go to the discovery of the world, maybe of Tuscany! Unfortunately, even in 2019 many holidays will fall during the weekend, but not all is lost!

Let's see the calendar together!

Here are the useful dates to organize holidays and weekend getaways. On the negative side, you will have to wait until April to take advantage of a few days of vacation. 

Un Italian calendar for April 2017


New Year's Day 2019 Tuesday January 1 GOOD for a 4-day weekend

Day after New Years Day 2019 Wednesday January 2 VERY GOOD for a 5-day weekend (Ops, Scotland only)

St Patrick's Day (substitute day) 2019 Monday March 18 GOOD for a 3-day weekend (Ops, Northern Ireland only!)

Good Friday, Easter and Easter Monday Pasqua e Pasquetta 2019 Friday April 19, Sunday 21 and Monday 22 aprile 2019 A  CLASSIC 4-day weekend

Early May Bank Holiday 2019 Monday May 6 NOT BAD for a nice 3-day weekend

Spring Break Holiday 2019 Monday May 27 NOT BAD for a nice 3-day weekend

Battle of the Boyne 2019 Friday July 12 NOT BAD for a nice 3-day weekend (Ops, Northern Ireland only!)

August Bank Holiday 2019 Monday August 5 NOT BAD for a nice 3-day weekend (Ops, Scotland only)

August Bank Holiday 2019 Monday August 26 NOT BAD for a nice 3-day weekend (Ops, except Scotland)

St Andrews Day (observed) 2019 Monday December 2 NOT BAD for a nice 3-day weekend (Ops, Scotland only)

Christmas and Boxing Day 2019 Wednesday December 25 and Thursday December 26 

Fancy a dip? Enjoy a splash in the sun!

As you can see, 2019 is a bad year for holidays, but I am confident that taking a closer look at your calendar, you will find a way of using your days of annual leave the best way possible! 

Check your calendar!

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