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TRENITALIA: How to correctly stamp the regional train tickets

With the introduction of new TRENITALIA regulations, let's see together how to stamp the ticket correctly, to avoid fines and problems and to travel with peace of mind. There are a few rules, let's see them!

The process is very simple, but you can do a lot wrong!

Auf meinem TRENITALIA-Ticket steht klar und deutlich: “Unten abstempeln”

My ticket TRENITALIA clearly indicates "validate below"(convalidare in basso)! The one of the photo is one of the possible types of valid ticket. This was issued by the bar of the San Miniato station, Caffè Marconi. If I had bought it at the station machine, it would have looked different. As you can see from the picture, the ticket reminds us that we have to validate it. On the top of it, there is a nice space where we could easily print the validation. But no, it would be a mistake! A beautiful writing invites us to VALIDATE BELOW. 

Trenitalia-Fahrkarten müssen am unteren Rand abgestempelt werden

Trenitalia tickets have to be stamped at the bottom Therefore it is wrong to put the ticket straight into the stamp machine, so that we can read it when stamping. You have to turn it around and stamp it on the bottom! In fact, a slightly smaller inscription with small triangles that look like arrows indicates: "Validate before departure", convalidare prima della partenza (an unnecessary statement, as there are no validation machines on the train itself and the only way to validate the ticket is before departure!).

Eine der Stempelmaschinen für die Entwertung von Trenitalia-Fahrkarten, wie man sie an Bahnhöfen finden kann

Above, one of the stamping machines to valitdate Trenitalia tickets, as you can find at train stations. It's quite simple, but I think it's a little unnatural and "cranky"!

Hier ist das Ticket richtig abgestempelt. Unserer Reise steht nichts mehr im Wege

Here's the ticket is correctly stamped! Now nothing can prevent us from travelling on a Trenitalia train!

Another note: It is not necessary that the ticket bears the stamp of the station from which it is valid. In this case, I have stamped a ticket at the Bologna central station, which is valid from Firenze Santa Maria Novella to San Miniato. The stamp is valid for 4 hours.

Valido dal 24.01.2017 

Mancata o errata convalida del biglietto - Nei casi in cui sia previsto l’obbligo della convalida del biglietto il viaggiatore trovato in corso di viaggio o all'arrivo con il biglietto non convalidato o convalidato in modo irregolare viene assoggettato al pagamento di una penalità di €200,00. Se il pagamento è effettuato entro il 15° giorno dalla data della notifica l’importo è ridotto a €100,00. Se il viaggiatore si presta al pagamento immediato delle somme dovute al personale del treno, la soprattassa è ridotta a €50,00. 

Very loosely translated, the above means: if you travel with a non validated OR incorrectly validated ticket, your fine can be:

  • 50,00 euro if you pay immediately
  • 100,00 euro if you pay in 15 days
  • 200,00 euro if you pay after 15 days!!!

Buon viaggio!