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How to solve the Problem of Eating Abroad with Allergies and enjoy Italian Food without Problems

How to eat safely abroad when you have a food allergy. We want that our guests fully enjoy their experience in Italy and in Tuscany. Local food always tells us a story, this is why food is so important and we want to do all that we can to let you have the best experience possible!

Hello! I’m Tiziana from La Scuola di Furio.

As you might have read in the reviews (sometime,) I DO worry for my guests. I want them, I want you to be happy AND healthy! 

When a mother wrote me she was worried about her children’s health I started worrying too, (I can’t help it!). 

This British mother wrote: “Both children are allergic to nuts; my daughter is also allergic to soya; and my son is also allergic to dairy products and eggs. They need to avoid eating these food groups. I can bring extra food but would prefer to buy it locally if possible! Does the supermarket have a "free from” section?”.

I immediately wrote back that her concern was my concern and I drove to Coop to check for them. Coop is literally FIVE minutes from La Scuola di Furio, check on Google! I also took pictures of the products her children could eat or drink without problems. So I wrote:

“I found dairy-free milk and chocolate flavoured dairy-free milk at the very beginning of the shop, then I went to the milk section and found rice "milk" of different brands. I wanted to check what is written on peanuts ‚Äčand I was quite surprised to read "it might contain traces of some other nuts". So you better look out at the ingredients list before you buy. Of course you can WhattsApp me some pictures should you have problems in understanding Italian. There is a whole gluten-free wall (not of your interest), my impression is that you can find lactose-free milk (example) in the milk aisle and possibly in the dietary section.”

Her reply was: “I am so happy to see that you have been able to find out these things for us. The (name of the brand) milk is exactly the milk that my son has here in the UK!!!”

I love food and I can’t imagine anything worse than a mother not being fully sure the food she buys for her children is safe for them! 

I also came up with a solution to let them being able to fully enjoy the Italian food experience if they wanted to eat in one of the many restaurants in Tuscany.

Want to know more? Then contact me!

Ciao from Tuscany!