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An Interview with Napo

An Interview with Napo

Hello! I am Napo and I finally convinced my owners! Now even dog owners with amicable, well behaved dogs are welcome at Villa Maura! In this short interview you will find some useful information for your animals, a “woof” FAQ!

Napo, you know that is not always easy to find good accommodation for the whole family. So now it is allowed to bring dogs at Villa Maura?
Certainly! It will be a blast! Obviously, it is required that humans collect the manure, that the dog does not damage to furniture (even if I know he/she would never do that) and that it is clear that he/she can notenter the pool area, or swim in the pool! I’ve never done this because humans say a dog contributes much more dirt and bacteria to a pool than a human! Should the dog had to do, his/her owners would make a bad impressione and should pay a big fee for the extra cleaning of the pool. The garden of Villa Maura is more than enough to roam free, please ensure that your dog does not wander unattended – please keep your dog on a lead in the common areas.

There is a surcharge for the stay of a dog at pet friendly Villa Maura?
No. But I should mention that this year there are two important changes: permission to stay at Villa Maura and that for every guest 1 euro is donated to an equine welfare association that takes care of the horses once their racing careers end. Every little extra donation is welcome and that the pennies go right into the pockets will be well documented, of course.

What can a tourist with a wet nose dog do during his/her stay?
A lot depends on the habits of the dog, not all are equal! A ‘handbag’ dog will be fine at the Prada outlet shop in Fucecchio; a very active dog will appreciate a small fenced area near the Arno river that has a couple of structures for agility. And let’s not forget that in the very close Cerbaie park everyone can make beautiful walks. Truth to be told… I’m very lazy!

Do you know if dogs can go to the beach in Tuscany?
The nearest beaches just less than an hour’s drive away. Every summer in Italy there is always a great debate “Dogs on the beach: Yes or No?”. The best solution is to ask Tiziana latest updates. In general, the beach could be a beautiful walk to do “out of season” in full freedom!

Well, but in the evening? When they go out to dinner that happens? They can take dogs to restaurants around Villa Maura?
In the big information binder there is a list of places where we are welcomed with no problems. And I’ll tell you a secret… In some restaurants my owners are greeted more warmly when I go with them!

Got it! But it is allowed to leave a dog alone at Villa Maura?
As you know, some dogs get stressed a lot if left alone for a long time in a new environment and this nervousness can lead to unpleasant consequences. Tiziana knows a very nice girl who loves all animals (dogs,cats, rabbits and horses, it is not clear in what order) and she will be happy to take care of the dog, taking him around if it is not too hot, or keeping him/her company at Villa Maura or at her home, she lives rightnearby! Tiziana will give you all the explanations about her availability and fees.

How large is the garden?

At Villa Maura there is a small area.

But what will need the dog to stay at Villa Maura? Shall the dog’s owners bring the crate?

Again, a lot depends upon the dog’s habits. I guess in the car of the owners there is also room for that big mattress or a crate! If not, ask Tiziana.

As you might know, some breeds shed a lot… What about the cleaning?

Uh, dont’ tell me about it! At dog friendly Villa Maura all floors are ceramic and there is only one carpet in the closet room. In theory, the dog should not go up on the sofas … But if the house is small and if he/sheis used to the couch, who am I to tell him to change habits … Talk to Tiziana. She will provide towels to cover the sofas. But I beg pets do climb on the beds!

Each dog has his favorite food. Do you know if it is available in Fucecchio or if the owners have to take it from home?
In Fucecchio there are several places where to find dog food: supermarkets, agricultural and specialty shops (I can also advise where I have my “hair” done; Silvia is very patient with ma and can even bring the foodup to Villa Maura at no additional cost). Obviously, those who have a delicate tummy like me and requires specific food, must ask if this food is available or readily available.

There are other things that you would like us to know?

Once, when I was abroad, I ran from my hotel room. I felt lonely and I went looking for my masters who were having dinner in a restaurant where I was not admitted. I have been caught immediately andeverything went well but everyone was so scared! I trust all the dogs coming to Villa Maura will have his/her name tag (I have two!) And microchip identification! In any case, at Villa Maura, we can provide a medalwith the phone number of Tiziana, to facilitate contact should you get lost (please don’t).

Everything looks good! How do I book?
I shall sugget that my furry friends are particularly good and obedient for a couple of weeks and make very sweet eyes while the owners look at the site, I’m sure they will get in touch with Tiziana by phone, WhattsApp or the contact form to know if there is still availability at Villa Maura for their preferred dates