Baby Kit: the 13 things you will NOT have to bring with you

At La Scuola di Furio we know how difficult it can be to pack and bring everything you will need with you! 

What a difference your new bundle of joy makes! There was a time when you used to have a simple checklist for trips abroad. Then, suddenly your holiday checklist is looooong! Is there anything La Scuola di Furio Holiday Home in Tuscany can help you with? Keep reading and you will find out!

You are in Tuscany, central Italy, a Country you might have enjoyed many times already, in pre-baby times. So you know you can expect a friendly welcome, some good eating out and where the shops are full of lovely fresh produce to cook your baby's and our own food, where there are beautiful places to explore during the day and, last but not least, where you can be quite confident of the health care quality (just in case! You will find directions to the 2 nearest hospitals, the local one in Fucecchio has a First Aid Room and the large one in Empoli has a proper Emergency Room in our Welcome Folder)!

Once in Italy with your baby, expect to experience peekaboos from strangers and giggles on both ends, Italians love babies! You will quickly get used to hearing Bello! Bellissimo! Che bel bambino! Please bear in mind that Maschio o femmina? Bambina o bambino? will be used to ask the gender of your child, while Quanti mesi ha? is used to ask for age of the child (how many months is s/he old!).

One of the baby bathtubs at La Scuola di Furio

One of the baby bathtubs provided at La Scuola di Furio. 

Right after your arrival, it is highly possible that you first trip will be to Coop in Fucecchio (an easy 9 minutes drive from La Scuola di Furio, you will find the address in the above mentioned Welcome Folder) to stock up with groceries. Then, according to the time of the day, you are likely to come home, settle the baby for the night, then have a simple home-cooked meal, some wine and relax. Things will quickly settle into a routine: wake, a hearty breakfast, a kick around with toys, nap, a drink of milk, a lie-down, light lunch, a handful of hours visiting a nearby sight of interest, a couple more drinks, a nap, a bit of exercise on a baby activity gym mat, dinner, sing-song, bath, massage, a last bit of milk, then bed. And once you will settle into that, your baby fells in with it too... 

One of the high chair

One of the highchair with tray provided at La Scuola di Furio. Look familiar, eh? 

Some of our guests at La Scuola di Furio coming from Northern Countries told us how they had not counted on how the wooden shutters you can find in each main bedroom had their baby sleep longer. Some said they had their first night's uninterrupted sleep since the baby was born! 

So we at La Scuola di Furio figured out we could make things easier for parents, giving you the possibility of having some baby and toddler friendly essential gear directly in the accommodation of your choice for your family holidays in Tuscany.

One of the babycare mats provided at La Scuola di Furio. 

Here is our full list of the must-have items you will find in your apartment or in Villa Maura at no extra price

  • Baby bed/cot with cot linen
  • High chair
  • Baby monitor
  • Changing mat
  • Stair gates where needed
  • Potty
  • Child's toilet seat
  • Child's step
  • Baby bath
  • Baby and child cutlery, bowls, cups and plates
  • All of our bedrooms have heavy curtains or shutters
  • Microwave
  • Night light in children's rooms

Of course, all of this multiplies if you have twins, multiple children or are holidaying in a group.

One of the baby beds at La Scuola di Furio

One of the baby cots provided at La Scuola di Furio. 

As usual, we listened to our guests to make this list and we keep our eyes and ear open! So, if there is anything else you need, it’s always worth asking!

We know you packed for your baby as many changes of clothes as for yourself! For your peace of mind, do not forget that a washing machine with detergent pods is available on site FOR FREE